Sunday, 6 May 2012

Village Gaulois

Our visit to Village Gaulois.

Year One and two had a fantastic time visiting the Village Gaulois.
Below is the link to the village. It is open to the public on certain days.

Here is our day in pictures!

First of all we had our snack.

We then met our Guide Nicholas. He told us all about the location of the village and how the river and mountains helped to keep the Gauls safe from enemies.

We passed by this lovely sheep on the way!!

The village is surrounded by a wooden fence.

Then we went in to a typical Gaul house. Notice its beautiful thatched roof. How many windows can you see?

Nicholas told us how the house was a home and a workshop. Can you remember what all the things were used for?

Then we went to visit the pigs. They were very cute but greedy as well!!

We talked about how the houses were constructed.

Then we gathered straw to make our own models of a house.

After lunch we continued our tour.
We found out all about the blacksmith and how clothes were woven and sewn.

 This is a clip found on the site.

 All about pottery

And to end the day we made our pots and headed back home on the bus!!


  1. very lovely pictures and we had great time that day!

  2. Great pictures, thank you for the effort. James loved the visit, he liked very much the blacksmith exhibition (swords, bow, shield).